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Overwhelmed and About to Let Go…

Creating and marketing a brand becomes overwhelming when embarking on a quest for entrepreneurship. It is daunting and definitely not as easy as just pushing a button, even though we hold technology at our fingertips.

This feeling you may be experiencing is normal.

There is

At Cloud Rescue, we are honored to help you soar through the clouds to success!! Whether you are just starting out or already in business, we offer performance coaching and business development. 

About Us

Cloud Rescue was created to help business owners through the chaotic storm of digital marketing that often leaves people feeling disempowered.

The team at Cloud Rescue is comprised of intuitive business coaches, dedicated digital marketers, content developers, market influencers, and courteous help desk technicians.  Our team assists in a collaborative approach, directed toward empowering you or your team with the confidence to connect with your customers, by creating a results-driven and strategic direction.


“To soar means more than just to fly; it means to rise swiftly, to feel the wind slipping below you as you ride it higher, higher, higher. Flying is just moving through the air. Soaring though, suggests exhilaration, even joy.”


Why Cloud Rescue?

We do research.

We spend as much as fourteen thousand US dollars every month on research. To cite an example, we purchase unused web domains at any given time and that’s where we check different white hat SEO techniques to see which one works. And more importantly, which ones are detrimental.

We are a consultancy.

We’re not just a company that will give you a work report after the cycle is over. You can reach out anytime you have questions about your business model or about a marketing strategy that you think your company can employ. You can make sure that we do the work, but that’s just the beginning.

We care about your business.  

It’s a cliché, we know, but there’s a big difference between completing work and providing value. When we start a campaign, we already have the end goal in mind. Whether it’s increasing sign-ups or conversions, our strategies are clear and concise so that we don’t just throw your money into a black hole. We measure results because we care about you.

We Help As Your Coach

Our goal is to help business owners emphasize their leadership strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and establish a clear path that will help them make better business decisions and manifest their overall vision.

As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats in our company, therefore we require tools that allow us efficient functionality to keep our balance or strategy is lost.


We Help As Your Consultant

We assess your priorities, formulate a plan, and start the process to help.  Business owners have the ability to receive help as they need without any long-term contracts.



Research assistance is provided with the business idea, research, industry, overview, and offers. Service is provided with market due diligence.


Startup legal formation assistance, including bank account setup. Formation assistance included as well as mailing address, local and toll-free phone number, and certifications.


We judge the book by the cover. Branding is important!  We assist with logo design, packaging, and image-driven branding solutions.


A startup requires marketing services to develop momentum.  Managed marketing services are provided to ensure quality and results-driven marketing campaigns for startup ventures.


Startup companies require strong sales strategies, so sales are much easier accomplished.  Sales support is provided with startup consulting services to create momentum.


We Help Drive Performance 

With Micro Influencing! We blend paid media and micro-influencer marketing to create campaigns you can measure! 

We Help As Your Partner

Are you a marketing agency or managed service provider looking for a dedicated content development team? Look no further!


We Help As Your Affiliate

Join our Ambassador Program and earn a commission for customer referrals using your unique affiliate link.

We Help Keep You Operating

Unlimited, simplified technology support for modern businesses working in the cloud. 


Website Design & Development

3 Ways to Get Started

The Cloud Rescue Team is honored to help you soar through the clouds to success no matter where you are along the journey.  We provide a web builder to do it yourself and advance services as you grow, or we can provide a dedicated account manager, and take care of your digital business management and marketing needs. 

Do It Yourself

Build fast, secure, and professional website in 60 min or less with access to help 24/7.

Build It With Us

You build it yourself.  Once you have completed your design, we will screen-share with you and assist with any edits that are needed.

Have Us Do It For You

Give us your details and we will meet with you initially, then again after the final draft, and once more upon final development.

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Shopify web application software
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BigCommerce Web Application
Joomla web application software
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Marketing Services

Once development foundations are completed, it’s time to rise swiftly and OPTIMIZE, feel the wind slip below you as you move through the air, soaring higher, higher, and higher.

Digital Advertising Package

This package is good for business owners who know just enough to be dangerous…but want an advisor to guide them.

SEO Packages

Software and subscriptions help. But there is so much more depth to Search Engine Optimization.

Build Your Own Package

Feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know where to begin? We work alongside you, helping you choose the right direction.


Meeting and discussing some details to learn more about requirements, ask questions, and get details. It helps both parties quickly and efficiently.


After the meeting, together we will enter a research stage.  In this stage, both parties are gathering all the necessary data and details required to move.


In the planning stage, we work with clients to outline and plan marketing campaigns.  Plans are created with relevant details for execution.


We assist your company to execute marketing objectives. Marketing campaigns are deployed based on research and planning.


Marketing efforts and campaigns are reviewed for optimization. Together we will review websites, ads, social media, and marketing campaigns for the best results.

Accepted Challenges

Overwhelmed? We are honored to HELP!

How do we get more traffic to our site?

Grow Your Business Through Better Contact Management. Consistent content is King! However, without matching data capture and analysis, optimization and marketing aren’t working.  We will provide you with not only the working tools, but the training to make it work or a dedicated team to do it for you.

We cannot keep up with brand management!

Growing a successful business is all about growing deep, long-lasting relationships with customers and ensuring that they benefit from your products or services. Our software can efficiently manage all your clients and make sure they receive the top-notch customer service they deserve.

Contact us for a free consult.

We need to reduce our digital overhead.

We believe in keeping everything within our client’s servers. We are not big on putting valuable, private customer information out on the cloud of third-party software. Keep it safely on your server where you can protect it and access it at any time. This significantly reduces your overhead by utilizing the software your site was built on.

We need a competitive marketing edge!

Machine learning can help small businesses better understand their customers, build brand awareness, engage new customers, develop thought leadership, and ultimately gain a competitive edge in their marketing efforts.

How do we increase our social media followers?

It’s no secret that access to a larger audience will also provide you with more opportunities to grow your business. however, figuring out how to increase your social media followers is a challenge. 

Back To The Basics. 
Social platforms primarily revolve around 3 factors: 1. Starting conversations within a community. 2. Engaging in conversations about topics that are relevant to your business. 3. Ensuring that conversations begin at the right times. Most importantly keep your business humanized! Share enough information about your company to interest readers, but don’t inundate users with a ton of ads or self-promotions. Try sharing captivating imagery and videos instead of long text-heavy posts. 

When engaging on social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, it’s important to humanize your business. Share enough information about your company to interest readers (your history, your mission), but don’t inundate users with too many ads or self-promotions.

Contact us for the right strategy for your company. 

Why do search engines care about my sites speed?

Google uses a set of more than 200 factors called algorithms ( like PageRank, Google Penguin, Google Panda, and Google Hummingbird) to decide the order in which to display search results. The exact factors and their importance in calculating search engine rankings, as Google does not reveal them to the public.

However, through experience and research, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists agree that the most important factors include unique content, site structure, and page and image loading times. A prolonged image loading time hurts reader engagement and creates a negative user experience.

Let Our Work Speak Out

Here are some of the businesses that faced problems like yours. Read the stories and familiarize yourself with our unique approach and ability to facilitate your unique needs.

The Benefits

You'll Save Time

Every means of content development your company needs. In one dedicated team.

You'll Receive Value

There’s more than just saving money; building solid relationships adds value.

You'll Receive Quality

Our promise to you develops integrity in our teams now and into the future.

You'll Help Us

Through your success and affiliation, we can help others you inspire.

Helping You Soar Through The Clouds to Success!!

You've been hard at it wearing every hat in your company, or just want a dedicated team to assist when you need it. Call or message us through the chatbot, or send us a message below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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