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Cloud Rescue empowers businesses with secure, customizable open-source solutions managed by our expert team.

Break Free from Software Chains: Unlock the Power of Open-Source

Stop paying a premium for restrictive software. Cloud Rescue empowers you with the cost savings, flexibility, and security of open-source solutions, expertly managed by our team of open-source specialists.

Cost Savings

Reduce software licensing fees and empower your budget with open-source alternatives.


Tailor your software to your unique needs with the flexibility of open-source.


Open-source fosters transparency and a strong security community for peace of mind.


Our team is passionate about open-source and expertly manages deployment, configuration, and ongoing maintenance.

Why Choose Cloud Rescue for Your Open-Source Journey?

Safe & Secure

Maintain control with on-premise open-source software, while leveraging the cloud for backup and disaster recovery.

Pre-Configured Solutions

Leverage our experience with pre-configured, open-source solutions for common business needs.

Modular Services

Choose the level of support you need, from deployment to ongoing management and customization.

Empowering Businesses with Open-Source Solutions

At Cloud Rescue, we understand the importance of data ownership and control for businesses. That’s why we champion a local-first approach to data backup, combined with the flexibility and security of open-source applications. We believe in empowering you to be the master of your software, not beholden to ever-changing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models.

What Sets Us Apart

Local-First Backups

We prioritize local storage solutions for your data, giving you immediate access and control. This ensures your business can keep functioning even in the event of internet outages or cloud service disruptions.

Open-Source Expertise

Our team is passionate about open-source software. We help you implement and manage open-source applications that perfectly suit your needs. Open-source software offers greater control and customization compared to locked-in SaaS solutions. Plus, with a vibrant developer community, open-source software is less susceptible to obsolescence – you won’t face instability due to a company going out of business.

Data Ownership

You are the sole owner of your data. We provide the tools and expertise to manage it securely, ensuring it remains accessible and under your control.

The Cloud Rescue Advantage


We guide you towards becoming self-sufficient with your chosen open-source applications, reducing reliance on external vendors.


Local backups combined with open-source software’s inherent security features create a robust foundation for your data.


Open-source solutions are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and workflows.

Reduced Vendor Lock-In

Unlike SaaS models, open-source software provides freedom and avoids the risk of getting locked into a single vendor’s ecosystem.

We Partner with you to achieve true data ownership and application control. We believe in building a tech stack that empowers your business, not restricts it.

Is Cloud Rescue the right fit for you?

If you value data privacy, control, and the freedom to choose the software that best serves your needs, we invite you to contact us and discuss how Cloud Rescue can help you achieve your IT goals.

Get Started with Cloud Rescue

Free Consultation

Briefly explain what a free consultation entails (e.g., discuss business needs, understand challenges, explore open-source solutions).


Highlight how your coaching helps clients make informed decisions about open-source adoption (e.g., navigate technical aspects, identify best-fit solutions).

MSP Services

We handle the deployment, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of your chosen open-source solution, allowing you to focus on what matters most – running your business.


Managed Services

Deployment & Configuration

Our experts handle the technical aspects of deploying and configuring your chosen open-source software.

Security Patching & Management

We keep your open-source software secure with regular patching and updates.

Ongoing Support & Customization

Get the help you need, from basic troubleshooting to advanced customizations.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Leverage the power of the cloud for backup, disaster recovery, and collaboration with your on-premise open-source solutions.

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Why Businesses Choose Cloud Rescue?

Cloud Rescue has become an invaluable asset to my business, acting as a trusted managed service provider (MSP). Their proactive approach has been a lifesaver. They identify and address potential tech issues before they disrupt my operations, saving me significant time and resources. From the initial website design and development to ongoing technical support, Cloud Rescue has provided a comprehensive managed service solution that keeps my business running smoothly.

Erika Spring
Executive Coach, Spring Innovative

NCDHA faced challenges with outdated branding, inefficient collaboration tools, and cumbersome software. Cloud Rescue, our trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP), implemented innovative solutions that transformed our association. They created a modern brand identity, streamlined operations with a comprehensive software solution, and fostered improved collaboration among our members.

Heather Edly
President, North Carolina Dental Hygienists’ Association

As a management company, we often face challenges in managing the relationship between clients and independent contractors for custom content development. Partnering with Cloud Rescue, a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP), has significantly streamlined this process. Their team’s responsiveness and expertise ensure clear communication and efficient project execution. Cloud Rescue’s exceptional customer service is a major differentiator, making them a valuable asset in fulfilling our content development needs.

Scott Hincher
Co-Executive Director, Cornerstone Management Associates

Over the last four years, our office, Robinson Family Dental, has worked with Jonathan as our managed service provider.  When we were first referred to Jonathan, we were in the rebuilding stage for a new website for the office. We began by explaining our vision and ideas for what content and layout we wanted to exhibit on our website, which was all over the place. Jonathan was able to compress it down and streamline it in the best possible way creating an awesome product.  Working with Jonathan is a pleasure and he allows for a flexible working relationship. He has provided countless pieces of knowledge about the entire process of creating and developing a website. Jonathan is a great guy and someone I would highly recommend to anyone or business needing IT services.

Korey Bosley
Robinson Family Dental

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