North Carolina Dental Hygienists’ Association


Execuitive Summary

North Carolina Dental Hygienists’ ¬†Association’s executive staff and members are all volunteers. The association contracts with a management company to oversee operations, but to keep costs down, they embarked on developing a multi-tiered web application themselves, before realizing this was more suited for a full-time commitment. This is where our founder joined NCDHA’s management company to establish a platform that would aid in the association’s mission and overhead.



The association was onboarding new management while at the same time planning for a yearly state-wide seminar and day-to-day operations. The association had attempted a web application but the content was bleak, allotted time consultations were extremely thin, no databases had been established, and no fixed strategies were in place. The deadline for contacting vendors, members, speakers, facilities, and other affiliates associated with the yearly seminar, was less than 60 days ahead of this web development.

How Cloud Rescue Helped North Carolina Dental Hygienists’ Association?

The founder of Cloud Rescue devoted every available minute of the next 60 days to building a scalable web application and designing a user interface that would feel warm and inviting, at the same time elegant and professional, while functioning for multiple different users. Focussing on the financial overhead he built them their own cloud hosting server, instead of outsourcing it to a hosting provider. This allowed them to save costs in communications (email, push notifications, etc.), at the same time be able to accept thousands of user interfaces at a moment’s notice and scale down when not needed to save on occurring fees.

The user interface was designed to reflect the state of North Carolina, touching on esthetic color pallets of the association’s colors. On the front end, each page acted as a stand-alone landing page for each division within the association to include fixed content and live news updates, and marketing advertising for that division.

On the association’s back-end, the site was divided into an individual web application specifically for stand-alone operations per component of the association: whereas they could market their own micro-missions aside from the association itself.

Results and ROI

The results of this project were very encouraging for the association, the management company, the public, speakers, vendors, and affiliations. The application was completed in enough time for the association to responsibly conduct marketing efforts for the yearly seminar, as well as day-to-day operations for the two years we had the opportunity to work with them.


“Working as a management company, it is often difficult to mediate between clients and independent contractors. Working with Jonathan at Cloud Rescue has been far from that. ¬†With quick communications and knowledgeable staff, Cloud Rescue is always there to help. Great customer service stands out among the many skills that make working with Jonathan and Cloud Rescue for your custom content development needs.”

Scott Hincher
Co-Executive Director,
Cornerstone Management Association, Inc.


Looking at the strategic requirements and implications. The founder of Cloud Rescue and the volunteer from the association that helped facilitate the development planned and delivered on the requirements. The project was a massive success that led to not only a seamless user experience but also enabled the association and its management company to good acquisition engagements with new members, guest speakers, and vendors for years to come.

In addition, to help manage future marketing efforts of both the association and its components. Behavioral analytics were placed on all means of inbound communications.