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Empower Your Open-Source Journey with Coaching

Before diving into specific open-source solutions, our coaching services ensure you make informed decisions. We guide you through every step of your open-source journey:


Through a free consultation, we understand your unique business needs and challenges. We discuss your current software landscape and identify areas where open-source solutions can provide a strategic advantage.


Our open-source experts demystify technical concepts and educate you on the various open-source options available. We help you weigh the pros and cons of different solutions to ensure they align with your specific requirements.

Solution Selection

We don’t just recommend pre-packaged solutions. We collaborate with you to identify the best-fit open-source software that meets your budget and technical expertise.

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Take Control with Open-Source: Cost-Effective, Customizable Solutions

Empower your business with freedom and flexibility. Cloud Rescue offers expert management and support for open-source software, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing efficiency.


Deployment & Configuration

Eliminate the headache of complex software installations and ensure a smooth setup tailored to your needs.

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Tired of complex software installations? Our team of experts simplifies the process. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs, recommend the most suitable open-source solution (e.g., email servers like Z mail or CRM platforms like SuiteCRM), and handle the entire technical setup. This includes configuration, user provisioning, and integration with your existing systems. Let us handle the technical heavy lifting so you can focus on running your business.

Ongoing Support & Customization

Get the ongoing help you need, from basic troubleshooting to advanced customizations, to keep your open-source software functioning optimally.

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We understand that your needs may evolve. Cloud Rescue offers flexible support tiers to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need basic helpdesk support for everyday troubleshooting or dedicated customization projects to tailor your open-source solution perfectly, we have you covered. Our team is passionate about open-source and possesses the expertise to ensure your software functions optimally.

Security Patching & Management

Stay ahead of security threats without the burden of constant vulnerability monitoring and patch application.

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Open-source software is renowned for its strong security communities. However, staying on top of vulnerabilities and applying patches can be time-consuming. Cloud Rescue takes the burden off your shoulders. We implement a proactive security approach that includes vulnerability monitoring, timely patch application, and adherence to industry best practices to keep your open-source software secure.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Bridge the gap between on-premise open-source software and the cloud, achieving data security, scalability, and collaboration all at once.

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The beauty of open-source lies in its flexibility. You can leverage the benefits of on-premise software while enjoying the scalability and accessibility of the cloud. Cloud Rescue can seamlessly integrate your chosen open-source solution with cloud-based services like AWS. This allows you to implement robust backup and disaster recovery strategies while enabling secure collaboration tools for your team.

How We Balance Open Source, Privacy, and the Cloud

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