Mrs. Guthrie

Google Chrome Browser Error/Bug Removal; Software Removal; System Clean, and Update.

Mrs. Guthrie contacted us on 10/20/22 reporting her tower pc at her residence was displaying an (err_ssl_protocol_error) each time she attempted to login into her medical facility web application, using Google Chrome, her preferred browser.  

 Securing remote access we performed the same operation the client did to check the error. It was positive. 

  • Initial CleanUp of system files: temporary, cache, cookies, and outdated log files were analyzed by native system cleanup software and removed.
  • We removed outdated and unused programs.
  • We moved on to updating programs and drivers for the system…
  • Addressed Initial Issue (err_ssl_protocol_error) 
  • Tested the initial issue to prompt the error once again: It was negative. Corrected. 
  • We recommend client update login and security updates inside her Google account and remove any 3rd party access that does not look familiar, and that has installed cookies/trackers on her profile. 

Thank you Mrs. Guthrie for allowing me the opportunity to serve you.


Cloud Rescue is just awesome. Our home computer had taken a mind of it’s own. I dreaded the thought of unplugging it and lugging it into some repair shop. I contacted Cloud Rescue, Jonathan was able to dial into my computer once I gave access and while I carried on with my house work he exorcised the demons in my computer,plus cleaned out junk files. This was so easy and I never had to unplug and lug anything anywhere. Once he was finished, my computer was running tip top. He made it so easy I just took on a quarterly service agreement, while I sleep or clean or do my crafts he can fix and clean my computer! It can’t get any more convenient. Thank You!!! Just call me a free range retired computer user that until now did not have the convenience of IT support like when I was working. Thanks to Cloud Rescue I now have my own IT support. Very respectful and courteous.

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