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Everything is going great and suddenly your computer slows down, apps take forever to launch, you are flagged with error codes on the screen, your printer goes offline, you accidentally open a malicious email or download a file that appeared to be from a trusted source.

There is

We are honored to help you and your team get back into the normal operational flow. At Cloud Rescue, we offer secure remote access services from dedicated technicians, that are courteous and loyal. Contact us and we will send you a virtual private tunnel code with AnyDesk software; you stay in complete control of your computer/device (unless you choose unattended access). All remote sessions are recorded for quality assurance.

What is Remote Support?

If you have ever worked in an industry that had its own in-house I.T department, and you couldn’t access your email, chances are you contacted Customer Service to gain access, this is a remote support team. Or, if you are having technical trouble with any leased product (not limited to computers, IoT, and mobile devices), chances are you worked with a remote support team.

Remote technology is called “remote support.” Not only is this form of “providing support over the distance” used in the professional world, but also in the private domain, reflecting many interesting use cases. Providing remote support means establishing direct access from one device to another. The machine of the person who needs technical assistance and the device of the support clerk can be located anywhere in the world, and the direct connection between the two devices is usually established through the internet. This means that the person providing the support doesn’t have to travel physically to the location of the remote computer to troubleshoot it, but can assist remotely from any location on the globe. 

Types of Support

There are different types of Remote Support: Attended and Unattended Support. If another user is present at that remote end that receives support and has to actually accept the Remote Support session on their device, we speak of Attended Support (or from the perspective of the support staff: Attended Access.)

If the remote end is unsupervised without another user having to be present to accept the incoming Remote Support session, as can be the case with servers or IoT devices, or the supervising recipient prefers not to attend, for example, we speak of Unattended Support or Unattended Access.

Even though Unattended Access doesn’t require the manual permission of another human, it is a highly secure type of connection. Security settings within the software used for this type of support enable Unattended Access for specific machines only and can be set up in a way so that establishing a connection to the unattended device always requires a password.  That ensures that only authorized personnel can access the unattended machine. 

Why Cloud Rescue?

“Help When You Need I.T.”

Dedicated Remote Support

Cloud Rescue IT Administration Team is familiar with all major operating systems, server variations, authentication, and security methods, and knows how to troubleshoot problems. They can read network protocols and backup company data. From a security aspect when we think of how virtual threats affect businesses not only from the outside but also from inside their own walls, our remote support team helps companies and organizations to implement Zero Trust principles as it enables the team to manage access and security from one central place. 


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Positive Effects of Remote Support

Quick and instant problem-solving, language or distance is no obstacle. 

Flexible state-of-the-art technology facilitated workflows.

Ability to serve all devices, across platforms.

Productive and happy people, great balance.

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