“When you approach life with a desire to truly understand yourself, including your negative and positive traits and the triggers that affect them, the lessons you learn can be far more valuable than anything you might learn in a traditional institution. By studying yourself in this way, you can begin to see others as mere reflections of their environment, gaining greater empathy and understanding of the world around you. This understanding can help you recognize that in its simplest form, the currency is a source of energy with positive and negative polarities, and for it to flow in a current, it needs a grounding source. In the case of currency, the grounding source is the correlation between individuals, as their perceptions of life and behaviors dictate the flow of the current. However, when individuals come together collectively, there is power in numbers, and the energy generated can be harnessed for the greater good. 

This principle applies not only to currency but to the invisible forces of energy that shape the world we inhabit. By harnessing the power of thought and adding creativity, dedication, and discipline, we can transform our lives into the reflection of any dream. As we channel this energy and bring our ideas to life, we create businesses that are not just about products or services, but about the forces that gave rise to them. Ultimately, the success of a business is determined by how we tend to these forces, as they become the very fabric of the companies that we see before our eyes.”